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Kids Click Search Engine

KidsClick Chils Safe and Kid Friendly Search Engine

KidsClick is owned and run by the School of Library and Information Science (SLIS) at Kent State University.

Our web site is located at:


KidsClick! was originaly created by a group of librarians at the Ramapo Catskill Library System, as a logical step in addressing concerns about the role of public libraries in guiding their young users to valuable and age appropriate web sites.

RCLS’s first effort to address this need was to compile a single page of search input boxes from the handful of existing databases of selected or screened sites.

Search Engine/Web Guide for Children

In the Summer of 1997, RCLS wrote an Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) grant application that proposed the idea of creating a search engine/web guide for children. We were dissatisfied with the quality, scope, functionality, size, and attention to maintenance of the handful of existing databases.


Please note that KidsClick! is not an Internet filter. It does not prevent client web browsers from being used to surf any URL address that the user inputs. It is intended to guide users to good sites; not block them from “bad” sites. However, it could be used in conjunction with a filter product where law allows filters to be used.

We hope that one of the distinguising characteristics of KidsClick! is the amount of information about the site that we have publicly disclosed. This includes:



Since one of our beliefs is that providing an objective information service for children is not compatible with simultaneously targeting them with marketing, we do not accept advertising on the KidsClick! pages. See our Selection Criteria for an explanation of when we will catalog commercial sites.