Month: July 2021

Which Twitter search engine to get?

A search engine that uses tweets to find news and content is becoming increasingly popular as Twitter grows.We’re talking about Twitter Search Engine, or Twitter for short.The search engine uses its own technology, called DeepMind, to crawl and crawl and the results are then used by the website’s users to find and follow content.Google is […]

How to buy Bing’s paid search engine in Australia

Bing’s search engine has been in Australia for a few years now, but the search engine giant is still a relatively unknown entity in the country.As it stands now, the company is based in Sydney, but it’s also available in other locations like Melbourne and Perth, and is even being rolled out in Adelaide.Search engine […]

How to find the best jobs for you

An international search engine that lets you browse the best job postings is helping employers to narrow the search for the right candidate for a particular job.The company, called FindJob, uses its own algorithm to analyse thousands of job postings and identifies the top 10 most desirable candidates from each position.Job seekers have to choose […]

Dublin city centre to have Google’s Google Street View service in 2021

Dublin city will be the first in the UK to be given Google’s Street View car service starting with the launch of Google’s “street car” services.The Google-owned Street View cars will travel along the city centre, where they will be equipped with Google’s proprietary mapping technology and will be able to provide real-time views of […]

How do you search job listings?

In the latest job search engine craze, we’re seeing people use the search engine giant’s job search feature to see if they’re currently employed.For some, the answer is obvious.They’ll likely be looking for jobs, but are unsure if they want a job.Others are more ambivalent.They can’t see themselves in the job search ads.They’re confused and […]

Which search engine is the best?

Search engine reports are notoriously unreliable, and their accuracy can vary from one site to another.That makes it difficult to evaluate the quality of any given search engine as a whole.And it’s especially tricky when you’re trying to rank your content against other search engines.That’s where the good old Google rankings come in.The good news […]

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