Month: August 2021

A former medical doctor says he was pressured to stop working at a pharmaceutical company

Search engines have been inundated with negative reviews and accusations of unethical practices from a former medical director who worked at a prominent pharmaceutical company, according to a complaint filed in federal court on Wednesday.The former doctor, Steven J. Stemmer, who is a former clinical director at Northwestern University Medical Center, filed a lawsuit last […]

What do you need to know about the new Federal Aviation Administration website

In September 2015, the FAA launched a new website that was intended to help users navigate the agency’s new website system.But as many as 100 million people could not access the new website until August, with the FAA telling Congress in January that they could access the information on the new site, but only if […]

How to Get Rid of Anti-Semitic Ads on Google (Video)

YouTube and Amazon are cracking down on the spread of anti-Semitic ads on Google.YouTube announced Monday that it has banned the sale of anti.Semitic imagery on its search engine in response to complaints.Amazon said it is also removing ads from its search results.Google said in a blog post that it is “actively working to identify […]

The best torrent search engines

#1 Torrentz2 – 3.6% – 2.7 million torrents per day.– 1.3 million torrent sites per day!– 20 million search queries per month!#1 Pipl – 3% – 1 million searches per day – 500 million searches monthly!#2 ebscoHost – 0.7% – 0 million searches/month – 600 million searches yearly!#3 TorreX2 – 1% – 100 million searches […]

How to use Bittorrena to check whether your online purchase was legit is the new search engine for people who are interested in buying and selling firearms.The site was launched last week and allows users to browse for online auctions.It has been downloaded more than 100,000 times.The online store features over 3,500 licensed firearms sellers and buyers, including sellers who are legally permitted to possess firearms […]

Which search engines are best for finding your news?

Search engines are used by millions of Americans to find and browse the news.They are widely used for many different purposes.One of the most important is search.Google searches the web and indexes the web content.You can even use Google’s search to find news stories.Most search engines let you search for topics by keyword or subject.Others […]

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