Month: October 2021

Which search engine is best for your podcast search?

Pippin is the official search engine for the podcast industry.In a nutshell, Pippins search engine provides links to the best podcast search engines to help you find the best podcasts.Pippin has been around since 2006 and has become the leading search engine in podcasting and podcasting-related related topics.You can find the most popular podcast search […]

Why Wikipedia can’t help but be like Wikipedia, says Ars Technic

Tech giants including Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Facebook have been fighting for more time to create an online encyclopedia that would allow people to research the history of everything from the origins of life to the origins, or even the origins for the universe.This article originally appeared at Ars Technicus and is republished here under […]

US’s internet search engine has gone dark, leaving millions of users stranded

The Google search engine is shutting down its US service, with millions of internet users still out of touch with what they’re using, the company said.The company’s parent Alphabet said in a statement on Monday that it had been “making significant investments” in the US to make its search engine more “mobile-friendly”.“The transition to a […]

How Wikipedia and Google search engines are shaping the world: What’s next?

The global search engine giant Google is getting ready to introduce a search engine for the English language.The company says it is testing the new Google Translate service in a pilot in India, and will launch it to other regions later this year.Google Translated is a service that allows users to search and translate text […]

‘The Internet of Death’: How Google is making its search engine death threats even worse

Google is known for its relentless focus on the search results that it delivers, and there is a reason why.Google’s search engine has grown to be the most used on the planet.That has led to many users who want to know what is going on with their Google search results being threatened with death threats […]

A search engine that can be used to search for copyrighted material on the internet

Legal search engine Good Search Engine says it’s working with Google to offer a legal search tool to users of its service.Good Search has been building an API to help search engines like Google and Bing work together to identify infringing content and bring it down.The API will be used in partnership with Google and […]

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