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Google searches ‘curious’ on “What’s going on in China’

A search for “what’s going to happen in China” yields a variety of results that range from the mundane to the bizarre.One such result is a list of foreign search engines listed on the site, which appears to be a search engine for the search engine that’s being used by Google in China.Another, this time […]

‘Don’t use any Google ads in your videos’

Google is cracking down on the so-called “fake news” content that it says is spreading misinformation online. But many are already using the internet giants tools to block ads and have started to use their own ad-blocking services.Here’s what you need to know about Google’s ad-blockers. How does it work? Ad-blocking software will block any Google search engine, […]

How to create your own personalized search engine

Find out how to create a personalized search box on your home screen, so that you can quickly find what you’re looking for without having to navigate to the web.The Google Home app has always been built for simplicity, but now it has a little extra flair to make finding what you want more fun.Google’s […]

Can you find the perfect job search engine?

The Australian Financial Commission has launched an online search engine that allows users to compare jobs in the country, and the results are revealing.The search engine was launched by the commission, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, and two major employers, WorkCover and JobBridge.The search engine includes search criteria that allow users to see if […]

How to use Netflix search engine in a web browser

An app called Netflix search has emerged on Google’s Android and iOS mobile operating systems.The Netflix app on Google Android phones is called “My Netflix”, and it can be used to access Netflix’s own search engine.It’s a similar app to one that is available on Google TV, the popular streaming service for the living room.The […]

Which browser is the most popular for online gaming?

Apple iphones have a long history of dominating online gaming, with the company having nearly 80 percent of all active online players worldwide.While Apple has enjoyed a healthy run in the smartphone market over the past decade, it’s the Google Chrome browser that is now powering the most traffic online.Google Chrome, however, is a little […]

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