Can you find the perfect job search engine?

The Australian Financial Commission has launched an online search engine that allows users to compare jobs in the country, and the results are revealing.

The search engine was launched by the commission, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, and two major employers, WorkCover and JobBridge.

The search engine includes search criteria that allow users to see if the job is open, available for job postings, and if they can see the jobs they want.

Users can also compare job listings and job titles on a per-postion basis, and have the ability to filter jobs by category.

Users are also able to see which jobs are available in their area and to filter job titles by location.

The online search also includes search parameters that allow job listings to be viewed by region, and also a “jobs in progress” option.

Users will also be able to browse job vacancies, job titles and other job listings, and to see how many job postings are available.

“Job listings are a vital source of job seekers’ information,” said CEO and general manager of JobBridge and WorkCover, James Lough, in a statement.

“We want to make sure people can access their jobs while they are searching for a job.

Our search engine helps us to provide job seekers with information about vacancies that are currently being advertised, jobs that are in development or job postings that have not yet been announced.”

It also provides the option to search for job openings from across the country or from a specific geographic area.

The announcement follows an online job search tool launched in September last year, which was designed to give job seekers access to job postings in their areas.

“With the recent rise in the number of job vacancies across the economy, it is important that job seekers can find jobs and make a career move,” said the company in a press release at the time.

“For those looking for a new job, we provide the tools to help them make informed choices on whether or not to apply for that job.”

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