‘Don’t use any Google ads in your videos’

Google is cracking down on the so-called “fake news” content that it says is spreading misinformation online. 

But many are already using the internet giants tools to block ads and have started to use their own ad-blocking services.

Here’s what you need to know about Google’s ad-blockers. 

How does it work? 

Ad-blocking software will block any Google search engine, search engine for mobile devices, mobile search, or mobile app. 

It will also block any ads or advertising-supported sites, apps, and services that Google has a part in. 

What will it do to my videos? 

The software will automatically block any videos that are linked to other videos on the same Google account, including Google Plus and Google News. 

However, if your account is linked to YouTube, it will block all videos linked to that account as well. 

Does Google block video sharing? 

No, it does not. 

In fact, the company said in a blog post last year that it does support sharing of video clips via Google+ and other apps, but it does require users to first opt-in to YouTube and to use a third-party app that offers the ability to share video clips. 

Is it a good idea to use Google’s new Ad-Blockers? 


Advertisers can buy ad-supported ads that run in the background of YouTube videos, but they can also block the ads that they see. 

Do you need Ad-blocker software? 

If you’re trying to share a video on YouTube, you’ll want to consider whether you want Ad-blocking or not.

Ad-block software is a fairly new concept, and the tools are often designed for niche purposes such as protecting against spam or to remove harmful content. 

As a result, it’s easy to get stuck in a loop where you use Ad-blocks to help protect your own account. 

Will it block Google searches? 

It depends. 

Google’s Ad-Blocking Software is available on Android and Apple mobile devices. 

YouTube, which is the default search engine on Android, does not require a Google account to use Ad Blocker software. 

Some users will still be able to browse the web using Google’s services, but Google has warned users to steer clear of Google search. 

Are there alternatives to Ad Blockers?

Google’s “Google Plus” app offers the option to block advertisements from Google and other sites, and has been used to block many of the most popular videos on YouTube. 

There are also many free apps that will block ads on the web and mobile devices from Google. 

Read more about Ad Block and Google’s ‘anti-fake news’ policy here. 

Image credit: Flickr, Wikipedia, Flickr

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