How Google has been able to dominate internet search rankings for years

The rise of search engines like Google has made it difficult for small companies to compete in the online advertising market.

Google now dominates online search results and ad networks in the United States, according to data from Adwords data company SEMrush.

Google is the biggest search engine in the world, with search results covering about 20 percent of internet searches.

The rise in search engine dominance has come despite the fact that Google does not disclose how much it spends on advertising.

The companies behind many of the top search engines in the country, like Facebook and Yahoo!, pay Google for the right to rank ads in their search results.

Google has spent more than $300 million in 2015 alone on advertising, according a study from research firm ComScore.

That’s about a third of what Facebook and Microsoft spent last year.

It’s hard to find a Google ad on Facebook’s website that doesn’t reference the search engine.

Google’s dominance of the search market has been a source of criticism from companies and regulators alike.

A few months ago, Google began banning the sale of search ads from search engines that don’t disclose their ownership.

That included Google and Bing, which is owned by Yahoo.

The move was met with a backlash from search engine companies and users who saw it as an encroachment on their business.

The new policy also came on the heels of a court ruling that overturned Google’s acquisition of Bing, an important online advertising tool.

Google says it is following the ruling and is not changing its search rankings.

While Google and Facebook have faced criticism for their dominance of search results, the company’s dominance over the internet has also led to other internet services being forced to pay for advertising.

Google and other search engines have paid companies like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for ads.

But in recent years, the companies have faced increased scrutiny from the government for their role in monitoring online activity.

Google was one of the first companies to use tracking technologies to monitor what websites people were visiting, but it was also the first to collect data about the browsing habits of millions of people.

The Federal Trade Commission, which regulates internet advertising, is investigating whether Google broke federal antitrust laws in 2014 by using its advertising platform to target ads at certain online communities.

The FTC says Google’s advertising network was using automated tools that targeted “bias-free” search results to target people who were “likely to be political, religious, conservative or otherwise ideologically extreme.”

The FTC has accused Google of paying for political advertisements that it said were aimed at targeting users based on their political leanings.

The company denies the accusations.

For the most part, internet advertising has continued to thrive despite Google’s online advertising dominance.

Google AdSense has been in the news recently for the way it collects data on the internet.

According to a recent report from Digiday, the Google Adsense program collects data from a vast number of websites, including Google’s own, Facebook, Apple and Twitter.

Google AdSense, which helps fund many of its services, is the largest advertising platform in the US and the second largest in the Western Hemisphere.

The program allows advertisers to target advertisements directly to specific users, and then share those targeted ads with the web pages and services that they have a relationship with.

Advertisers who want to reach people who are on a specific page of a site can then use AdSense to target those users directly.

However, there are other ways for advertisers to engage with consumers on the web.

The ads can be targeted to specific categories of consumers, such as race or gender, and Google says that it can show the targeted ads to a user’s friends or family, giving them the ability to make a purchase.

At the same time, AdSense also collects data about users.

It records how often a user searches for a particular keyword or term and then displays that data to advertisers on the pages that they target.

The data collected includes information about the search terms and the page viewed.

For example, if someone searches for “french fries,” they could see ads from McDonalds that advertise French fries.

The advertisements could also show up on other sites that users have interacted with, such the Facebook pages of friends and family.

The AdSense program, however, has drawn criticism from some members of Congress, who say it is too large and can be used to target individuals based on politics.

“It is clear that advertisers are getting ahead of themselves,” said Rep. Ted Lieu, D-Calif., in a statement to The Huffington Post.

“We need to take a hard look at the way the system works and see whether it is working for consumers, small businesses and consumers at large.”

Google’s data collection program is not the only issue that has been brought up in the recent controversy over AdSense.

In the past few months, Congress has also called for a new law that would require search engines to allow advertisers to sell

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