How the Canadian Firearms Association is working to change the way gun owners search for firearms

The Canadian Firearms Agency is launching a new gun search engine aimed at helping gun owners find the right firearm to purchase.

The new tool, dubbed AmmoSearch, is part of a push to modernize the way Canadians search for weapons.

CBC News has launched a new online video series called “What’s New?” to highlight what’s new in the industry.

The show will be hosted by host Jane Hutt, a former reporter for the Toronto Star who is now the director of the Centre for Gun Policy and Research at the University of Toronto.

“We are trying to get the Canadian firearms community, the industry and the gun owners to really understand that, what are the tools and what are our tools, and how can we use them,” said Hutt.

The series is a follow-up to CBC’s “How to Buy a Gun” series that ran in October.

In that series, Hutt looked at gun buyers’ search patterns and their purchasing choices, including where they buy guns, the best gun stores and gun shows to buy from.

The program has already been viewed more than 500,000 times.

“The new AmmoSearch will give the public the tools they need to know where they should buy their next firearm and how to do it safely,” said Marc Cazeneuve, executive director of Gun Owners of Canada.

“With this tool, the public can have access to a comprehensive database of gun sales and show that they’re actually buying guns in Canada.”

In addition to the new tool the CAA is launching, it is launching two new online searches: gun sales for the first time and gun purchases by province.

Cazaneuve said the new searches will give gun owners a better understanding of the gun buying process and how their purchasing decisions are influenced by where they live.

“If you live in Ontario, you’ll see the most popular types of guns that you’ll be able to find,” said Cazneuve.

“But if you live anywhere else, you can’t find them.”

The new searches are available at, or you can also search the CMA website.

“Our focus is on getting our people and our industry to really appreciate the new technology that is being created, and we hope that by showing them what they’re looking for, they will be more interested in buying guns and purchasing them safely,” Cazceuve said.

The CAA will provide updates on the new tools at www,

The first round of searches will run through July 6.

The second round of new searches begins July 27.

The third round of search updates will run until July 30.

Hutt said there are many aspects of the industry that need to change.

“I think what we’re seeing is that we are starting to look at the big picture.

There are going to be a lot more people who are going online to look up what their next gun is going to cost and what’s on sale,” she said.

“And so, we’re really hoping that this will be the catalyst for some of these changes that are going on in the gun industry and also hopefully it will help us to have more effective communication and communication strategies that are based on sound data.”

In the U.S., there is also a new technology called SmartGun, which uses video and other sensors to measure how well a gun is holding up in the hands of a person with different skill levels.

In Canada, the CPA is working with gun owners on new ways to help them find the best guns and to build a stronger network of gun stores in the country.

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