How to avoid being targeted by fake news in the 2020 election: What you need to know

The Washington Post’s political coverage team is using data from the Associated Press’ automated searches to create a map of how fake news is spreading around the country.

The interactive tool, called Fake News Map, maps the distribution of fake news stories across the country, and shows which states are most likely to see it.

It’s a first step toward a more comprehensive map of fake content.

This week, the AP and other news organizations have also launched tools to better identify fake news on social media.

The map is the result of a collaboration between AP data scientist Michael Ruhl and data scientist Andrew A. Dietz of Cambridge Analytica.

The AP data team has been looking at how the AP’s automated search engine is being used in real-time, and they wanted to find out how it’s being used by users of its search engine.

“Our goal was to create something that people could actually use, and we wanted to make sure that we were building a reliable, accurate map that reflected the actual quality of the content,” said Dietz.

Diet, who has been working on the map for about a year, said the goal was for it to have a “high-quality” and “socially relevant” representation of fake articles.

The tool lets users search by keywords like “fake news” and you can filter by whether the article is about a specific candidate or political party.

Users can see whether the story contains misleading information about specific candidates or specific political parties.

They can also see the top 20 fake stories published in the last month.

“We can see how the stories are being spread across a broad range of political topics,” said Ruhll.

“It’s really hard to say what is fake news or not fake news.

It really depends on the topic.”

Fake news is not news that’s actually true.

It is fake because it contains elements of a hoax or disinformation, and it is fake by design.

It often takes on a life of its own as it spreads, Ruhls research shows.

In fact, in 2016, researchers discovered that the term “fake” was being used to describe fake news that was circulating on social networks.

“People are using it in a lot of different ways,” Ruhs said.

“The best example of it is when they’re using it to identify fake content, which we believe is very dangerous.

So, we need to be very careful about how we use the term.”

There are many different ways to report fake news, and the AP has a tool to help users identify the fake news they’re seeing.

The new tool lets people see if the news is coming from social media, as well as the AP, which has a special team of people who look into the news to see if it is accurate.

The automated tool, which is available in Chrome and Google’s other browsers, allows users to filter by which keywords are being searched.

The tools can also show whether a story is related to a specific political party or candidate, which Ruhr said makes it useful for people to see how their news is being filtered.

The results are displayed in a separate tab.

The “top 20” results are the top stories from a particular topic from each of the AP news organizations in the past month.

The search bar is a simple search box, with a drop-down menu that shows a search term, and then the results.

The left side shows a list of search terms and a list on the right of the results for a specific topic.

A search term is a string of characters that is unique to the search, and can be in the form of words, phrases, or numbers.

For example, “fake Trump” would display “fakeTrump” and a search result for “fake fake news.”

The top 20 stories are displayed, with the search term highlighted in red.

Hovering over a word or phrase shows the relevant article.

Hover over the article, and you’ll see the corresponding news article with the word highlighted in orange.

A list of results for the article shows you what each word or word combination means, how many times the word or combination was used, how much the word is used, and how long it was used.

A word can be combined with another word, or it can be replaced by another word.

For instance, “Trump is lying” means “Trump lied” and the result for the search is “Trump lies.”

Hovering again on a word and the results are listed with the other words.

Hover and a second time on the same word, and an orange line shows up on the page showing the word used for the result.

Hover on the word and you get a list with the corresponding article.

This list of articles is the “top 10” results.

Hover again on the article and you’re shown the result that came up in the search.

Hover a third time on an article and the blue bar shows up as well.

Hover at the end of a word in the

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