How to create a search engine for iOS with the Apple Search app

Apple’s Search app for iOS is now officially free.

And with a slew of new search features, you can now find a list of popular words and phrases, search for the most popular sites, and even find the closest book.

Here’s everything you need to know.1.

Searching for a word or phrase can now work on both iOS and macOS.

The new Search app is available for free on both platforms.

This is great news for the search community as well as anyone who uses a Mac or Windows machine.

To get started, just launch the app from the menu on the home screen and type in the word or phrases you want to search for.

Searching on macOS is a little more tricky.

To start, click the Search icon in the top right corner of the app and select Search.

On macOS, you’ll need to navigate to Settings > General > Search and enter a search query.

You can then select the type of search you want, and then type in a keyword.

Finally, you should see a list that lists all the results that match your search criteria.

In the screenshot below, you see two results.

If you want the most recent results first, click on the Search button to start searching.

Now that you’ve found the answer, you need only click the Add button to add the phrase or word to your list.

That’s it. 2.

You can now search for a whole list of words and phrase by searching the word in the search bar.

It’s easy to use the Search app on iOS, too.

The search bar is just a simple button with a search icon at the bottom that you can tap to open the app.

Open the search app and click the word you want.

Press the Search bar to start typing in the phrase.

You’ll see all the search results that matches your search query in the results section.

Then, press Add to add a word to the list.3.

The new Search feature lets you find the most relevant results.

Here, you click the top bar to access the search for “the best food.”

You’ll see a few results that are from the most famous restaurants.

Buttons like these are great for adding a new keyword to your search and have several different uses.

For example, you could search for an “awesome” restaurant that serves an amazing menu, or you could add a new word to search the phrase “food at the best restaurants.”

If you find a word that matches something you want and want to add it to your results, just tap on the Add Button.


When you type in an item, the app will let you see its URL.

Tap on the icon to bring up a search for items you want from the list you just added.

Select an item and tap on its URL to see all its results.

Now you can search for that item.


You’re able to search by region.

At the top of the search screen, you’re able the select from a range of regions.

There’s an option to search within your country, which is a great way to find a specific item that is not available to the rest of the world.

For example, the search will include searches for a certain restaurant in the United States.

Alternatively, you might search for your favorite local area, like your neighborhood, and see results from all the restaurants within your city.


When searching by keyword, you now have an option for how many words to use.

When you type a search term, the Search Bar opens up with a list.

Tap on one of the entries to add that term to your own search.


You now have a list view of all the words you’ve typed.

This is really useful when you need something quick to type into the search box.

Just tap on any of the Search Bars to bring you to the search list.

You should see the full search results for that term.


Search results are sorted by relevance.

With the search feature in place, you no longer have to click through the long list of results, and instead, the results are listed by relevance, so you can quickly see what items are popular or important in your area.


Search bar updates.

Here are a few updates to the Search and Search app.

First, there’s a new search bar that shows results in a new row, just like the ones found on a Mac and Windows computer.

This makes it easier to quickly navigate to a list or search a word.

The Search Bar is a new addition to the app that will take up the top portion of the screen.

Second, the icon at bottom right of the new search menu now shows up as the Search Box, just as the search icon does on iOS.

Third, the bar now shows you the current search results in the Search section.

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