How to fix’s search engine

The internet search engine has been under fire since the weekend when a user discovered a link to a “fake” article.

The site’s website had been taken down, and now a user has uploaded a video of himself taking a look at the website’s search history.

Yandex says it is not responsible for the content of any webpages, but the video’s creators say it’s a clear example of “the malicious actions” that went on behind the scenes.

The video shows the user, identified as “Makoto”, asking “How can I change the search engine?”

Makuto then explains how he can do so with a few clicks.

The user then enters his username, password, and search term.

The search term is then checked to make sure it’s correct.

A confirmation box is then clicked on.

The page then appears in the user’s browser.

When the user presses the enter button, the search results appear.

The users username and password are then entered into the correct search box.

The result is returned to the user.

If he then clicks on the “search engine” link, the site’s search results are displayed as if the user had searched for a particular term.

If the user clicks on “no results” instead, the user is redirected to a page that doesn’t contain any information about the term.

The user then types in the search terms in the correct box, which brings up a page where he can fill out a more detailed search.

The results are then shown, along with the username and a short description.

The description is then copied from the video.

“We have a long history of investigating and taking steps to prevent the spread of malware, and we are committed to providing our users with the best possible experience,” a Yandex spokesperson said in a statement.

“We are also working to address some of the recent issues reported by the public.”

Yasmin Al-Khouri, a researcher with security firm Malwarebytes, said she has not seen any evidence of malicious code in the video and said the video could be an example of an ad campaign that was being directed at a specific user.

In the past, people have also been able to trick Google into ranking their posts in Google’s search index.

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