How to use Mozilla Firefox to find the answers to your questions

On Tuesday, Mozilla announced the launch of a new version of Firefox, which is built specifically to handle the increasing number of new mobile devices, from phones to tablets to televisions.

“When we launched Firefox 4, there were already millions of people on the web, but now we’re seeing even more people with new devices, and it’s only going to get bigger,” said Brendan Eich, Mozilla’s chief operating officer.

Eich said Firefox 4 would be available on smartphones, tablets and televisions starting in July.

The software also will be available for PC and Mac users starting in June.

“With this new version, Firefox 4 is built to address the challenges of our ever-changing web experience, and to bring the most relevant, up-to-date answers to all of our users,” Eich said.

“The new Firefox is designed for mobile, tablet and desktop users.”

Mozilla’s first Firefox update came out on March 17, and this update will be the first of its kind to hit mobile devices.

Firefox 4 also will have a number of improvements and bug fixes.

The new version has been in development for about a year.

It was first announced at a Mozilla developer conference in February 2015, and was released by Mozilla on March 23.

The company said it had spent nearly a year preparing for the update.

Mozilla was one of the first tech companies to launch an open source version of its software.

It is still unclear exactly how Firefox 4 will be used.

But one thing that is clear is that the software will be much faster and more powerful than the one released on March 22, Mozilla said.

Firefox will also run on Android and iOS devices.

The software was designed with security in mind.

Mozilla’s engineers are going to be using new cryptographic techniques to help make sure that all information stored in Firefox’s data stores is encrypted, according to Eich.

The new version will also have the capability to encrypt the traffic between Mozilla and its other services, like the web browser.

Eichi said Firefox’s new version would be an important milestone for the company, which has struggled with security issues in recent years.

It is one of several major tech companies that have released new versions of Firefox.

Other tech companies have also released new updates in recent weeks, including Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Netflix, Yahoo, PayPal, eBay, PayPal Plus and Pinterest.

Eikel says the company will continue to work with the industry to make sure users can use the new Firefox as much as possible, and the company says that Mozilla is working to create a better browser for Android.

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