“If you’re going to search for a hotel, you need to use the Bible”

Some hotels have become the go-to for hotel searches.That’s because their Bible search engines can offer a more accurate search result.But what if you don’t have a Bible handy?And what if your search doesn’t result in the hotel that you’re looking for?How can you help your search be more accurate?We’re here to help.This week on […]

Why Tinder is not the answer for dating app competition

A few years ago, when Tinder was launching its first app, it wasn’t really a dating app.In fact, it didn’t even have a dating profile, and its founders didn’t really have much in the way of marketing.Instead, the startup was focused on growing its user base and expanding its user-base-to-marketing strategy.Today, Tinder is a global […]

The Conservative Case for Immigration Is More Powerful Than The Obama Administration’s

Conservatives are not going to be able to convince Trump that immigration reform is not an issue that will hurt his presidency, but there are some signs that they may be starting to understand what’s at stake.While the Trump administration is currently weighing a number of immigration policies that could potentially affect some of the […]

What you need to know about iixquick, a new search engine that’s really cool for kids

Now that you have a search engine for kids, you’re in luck!The latest and greatest from iixQuick are the new search engines that kids and kids-oriented web developers can now enjoy!The iix Quick search engine is a free, fully featured search engine.It allows users to type in a search term to find that particular topic […]

Apple announces its $3 billion acquisition of Google’s audio search engine

Apple announced its $1.9 billion acquisition last month of Google search engine audio search, part of its broader push to acquire the company’s search technology.Apple CEO Tim Cook has been critical of Google in the past, and the company has recently been dealing with a number of lawsuits.But Cook’s comments about Google have been more […]

How to Make a Search Engine You Love with the Power of Google Search

Search engine optimization is a complex process that involves optimizing the algorithm, which is what a search engine is all about.For this guide, we’re going to use Google’s search engine to search for some of the hottest pornstars.To do so, we need to create a Google account.To create your account, log into your Google account […]

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