Search engine startup Zillow searches for ‘newly-minted millionaires’

Search engine firm Zillower is seeking to find “newly minted millionaires” from the internet by partnering with an advertising agency and offering to pay for their search.

The search engine firm has partnered with ad agency Admob to set up a partnership to bring a search engine and search advertising service called “Search for Newly-Minted Moms” that will be available in the UK, Ireland and the US.

Zillowers CEO and co-founder Yash Rajan said in a blog post on Friday that the company was looking for people with “fresh new ideas”.

“We have found a great new team to partner with and the team is focused on finding a new class of millionaires,” Mr Rajan wrote.

“Our partnership with Admob is designed to connect them to potential new millionaires through an ad network.”

“We want to bring this new service to the world,” he added.

Zillower’s partnership with the ad agency has not yet been confirmed by the firm.


ZILLOW SAYS:  Zillows CEO Yash Ranganathan and cofounder Yoshua Bengio have decided to build the “new generation of millionaires” and to use it to “advance the company’s mission to connect people to the future”.

“Our goal is to make the world a better place,” Mr Ranganath said.

“We will do everything possible to be the best search engine on the planet.”

Mr Ranganatha said that “new millionaires” would be a group of people who have “new ideas” that could potentially change the world.

“We believe the next generation of billionaires is a very valuable asset and we are looking for anyone with a passion for innovation and creativity,” Mr Ramanathan said.

“The search industry is booming right now and we’re building an engine that helps people find the people and ideas that will create the future,” Mr Bengio said. 

“The most successful search engines have been run by a small group of billionaires.”

With Zillowed, we want to build an industry that is inclusive, transparent and fair.

“If you are looking to get into search, ZillOW is the perfect partner for you.” 

 ZILLOWS FIRST MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT Zillow has been looking for millionaires for a while now, and has been working with some of the most well-known search engines in the world to find them.

In April 2016, the search giant partnered with Google to bring search results from the company. 

In January 2017, it announced it had signed up to be part of a partnership with Facebook to make a “mobile-first” search engine. 

The company has also partnered with Twitter to provide search results for the social network. 

Zillows search engine is also working with social media giant Twitter to give search results to users searching for news, weather, sports, news headlines and other things. 

 In June 2018, Zilow also announced a partnership in the form of a “data-driven business” with Amazon to create data that would be used to build a “new kind of media platform” for users.

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