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Why DuckduckGo is going to revolutionize search engines

DuckdukGo, the popular search engine that launched in March, is going big with a new version that’s going to change how search engines work.And it’s not just going to be a new search engine: It’s also going to take on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Facebook, which dominate the search engine business.Duckducks CEO Marc Lore told […]

NASA launches next-generation comet search technology, passes on $5 million funding

A space agency is launching its next generation search engine for NASA’s next-gen comet search efforts, a $5m funding boost for a program that aims to use artificial intelligence to discover the origins of comets.The Asteroid Hunter (AHL) mission is the result of a three-year, $25m joint effort between NASA, the European Space Agency and […]

How to buy Bing’s paid search engine in Australia

Bing’s search engine has been in Australia for a few years now, but the search engine giant is still a relatively unknown entity in the country.As it stands now, the company is based in Sydney, but it’s also available in other locations like Melbourne and Perth, and is even being rolled out in Adelaide.Search engine […]

Why Tinder is not the answer for dating app competition

A few years ago, when Tinder was launching its first app, it wasn’t really a dating app.In fact, it didn’t even have a dating profile, and its founders didn’t really have much in the way of marketing.Instead, the startup was focused on growing its user base and expanding its user-base-to-marketing strategy.Today, Tinder is a global […]

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