The 20 best free search engines for academic research

In today’s fast-paced academic search world, we need the right tools to help us research.

With more than 300 million users and counting, Bing, Google, and Yahoo are all major players in the field.

But there are plenty of other sites to choose from.

Here are 20 of our favorites for finding the right research platform for you.


University of California, Berkeley, UCB’s search engine for the world’s most widely cited academic research, UC Berkeley’s Search Engine Quality Index (SIGINT) scores are often cited as one of the best.

UCB has been ranked among the top 10 research research publishers on the SIGINT since 2006, and it’s been listed as one, among many, among the Top 25.

UC Berkeley also has a number of programs dedicated to research at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels.


Stanford University’s search tool, Stanford Search, is a powerful tool for researchers and students.

Stanford has a reputation for its rigorous research methodology and strong academic reputation, so you can bet you’ll find a good selection of Stanford-published research in your searches.


MIT Sloan School of Management’s research platform, the MIT Research Network, offers tools for a broad range of research tasks.

The MIT Research network is one of many research platforms that work with companies and institutions across a wide range of fields.


University at Buffalo’s research tool, the Rutgers Research Network is a strong research platform that offers data-driven research tools for business, government, and other research fields.


Duke University’s research portal, Duke Research, is an excellent resource for undergraduate students seeking to get a head start on research.


UC Riverside’s research site, UCR Research, offers a wide selection of research tools, including online surveys, webinars, and courses.


University Medical Center’s research team, which is also a leader in academic research services, offers data and tools for academic researchers.


Johns Hopkins University’s Data Lab has a large selection of tools for the academic research needs of the biomedical and public health communities.


UC Santa Cruz’s data center for research, the UC Santa Barbara Research Center, is known for offering a large variety of research services and tools.


Texas Tech University’s data centers provide a wide variety of services and features for researchers in the medical and life sciences.


University College London’s data labs provide a number, and some of the most comprehensive, resources for academic and research researchers.


University Health Network’s data portal offers data tools, such as surveys and quizzes, for academic study.


University Science & Engineering in Shanghai provides a wide array of services to research organizations across a range of disciplines, including research tools.


UC San Diego’s research hub, the Center for Human Genetics, offers several research platforms, including an online survey platform, a data collection platform, and a large number of research surveys.


University Research Service, a research network of universities, provides research data and resources.


UC Davis’ research platform is an efficient resource for students, staff, and researchers in a wide-range of fields, including biomedical and life science.


UC Irvine’s research platforms are a good place to start for students and researchers looking to get their feet wet.


Cornell University’s science and engineering research network, Cornell Human and Biomedical, offers more than 250 research tools to students, faculty, and staff looking for a deeper understanding of the world around them.


University Park’s research and teaching hub, University Park University Research, provides a variety of scientific resources, including interactive learning and peer-reviewed journals.


University Technology’s research services offer a wide choice of tools to academic researchers across a broad spectrum of fields from biology to engineering.


University’s Science Center offers a variety and variety of tools and resources for scientists looking to collaborate on their research.


UMass Boston’s research center, UMass-Boston’s Research Center for Bioinformatics, is also an important research hub for researchers looking for tools to collaborate and collaborate in the study of biological data.


University Hospitals Boston Medical Center provides extensive research and development services, including a research database and research analytics platform, along with the university’s own website.


University, California, Santa Cruz, and UC Riverside offer a number tools for researchers who need to access data and datasets to analyze data and perform research.


University and California Santa Cruz researchers have access to a variety, and extensive, tools for analyzing and managing data, including data visualizations, analysis tools, and data visualization tools.


U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory’s Research Data Management (RDMA) platform offers a large collection of tools that are geared towards both researchers and users of the RDMA platform, including visualization tools and data analysis software.


University Information Systems and Services, a division of the University of Illinois System,

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