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When Firefox stops working, how will Microsoft use your data?

Microsoft is reportedly planning to use your browsing history and information about how you use the browser to help it improve its search algorithm.The company has been actively exploring ways to use this data to better match users with the right queries, including by giving users a tool to sort and filter search results by […]

Why You Shouldn’t Be Using DuckduckGo To Find A Job

In January 2018, Google announced that it was shutting down Duckdukego, a popular search engine that allowed users to submit job listings.The announcement came shortly after Google’s search engine partner, DuckDuckGo, had also been taken offline.DuckDUCKGO had been a popular source of information for people searching for jobs in the tech industry.Duckdukgo was popular for […]

The best torrent search engines

#1 Torrentz2 – 3.6% – 2.7 million torrents per day.– 1.3 million torrent sites per day!– 20 million search queries per month!#1 Pipl – 3% – 1 million searches per day – 500 million searches monthly!#2 ebscoHost – 0.7% – 0 million searches/month – 600 million searches yearly!#3 TorreX2 – 1% – 100 million searches […]

When the internet’s not a big deal anymore, why you should listen to music on the radio

With the advent of streaming services and the internet, the music business is once again a huge part of the American psyche.And with more and more artists going digital, it’s becoming increasingly hard to find good music on traditional radio.But there are some things that should still be listened to.Here’s what you should know about […]

Google’s search engine is a little more friendly to the LGBT community

Posted October 04, 2018 08:24:49 Google’s Search engine is not exactly friendly to LGBT users.The search giant has long been criticized for not being inclusive to LGBT people, and for the company’s controversial policy banning search engines from showing LGBT-themed ads on their pages.Today, Google announced a new policy to help ease the pressure.The change […]

‘Tiktoks are like a Google search engine’: Google to launch its own search engine for the Irish

A Google search will be launched in Ireland on January 12, 2021, to help the search giant compete with rival search engines such as Shazam and Bing.Shazam will be available on January 13, while Bing will launch in the country on January 19.Google said it will “develop new tools for the online search industry” as […]

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