When Firefox stops working, how will Microsoft use your data?

Microsoft is reportedly planning to use your browsing history and information about how you use the browser to help it improve its search algorithm.

The company has been actively exploring ways to use this data to better match users with the right queries, including by giving users a tool to sort and filter search results by their search history, as Ars Technica notes.

Microsoft will also reportedly use your search history for targeting ads, so you can have ads for products or services that match what you search for.

“This is an exciting time for the web and for the entire industry,” said Mike Moritz, general manager of Microsoft’s Bing Ads team.

“We’re actively exploring all of the potential uses for this data.

The more you do, the more we learn and the more you’re able to share, the better off you’ll be.”

Microsoft’s search engine is a big part of the company’s future plans, as it’s expected to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to upgrade Bing to match Google’s search results.

It’s unclear how the search engine will use this information, but Microsoft has reportedly been looking into ways to improve the way it uses the data, and to offer more tailored ads.

In the past, Microsoft has experimented with using your search queries to match ads with relevant searches, and also used it to improve Bing’s search functionality.

The search engine currently uses information about your behavior to improve search performance, including when you’re searching for a product or service.

Microsoft’s previous experiment with Bing included targeting ads for the Xbox One console, and in an effort to improve its results for the Windows 10 operating system, Microsoft recently added a feature to the search bar that shows how many times you have been to the same websites, which can improve your search experience.

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