When you search ‘Jewish genocide’, the search engine spiders you

It is no surprise that the Jewish genocide of the last two centuries was also known as the “Jewish genocide.”

The term was first used in 1948 in a speech by then Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, which also referred to the mass murder of Jews.

A year later, Israel’s Supreme Court decided that the term “Jewish Genocide” was too inflammatory, and in 1973, the Supreme Court banned the term.

Today, the term is considered taboo and even punishable by imprisonment in some countries.

The search engine is no stranger to anti-Semitism, either.

A search on Google for the term Holocaust shows hundreds of thousands of results for “Jewishocide,” including one in 2015.

When you look for a specific term, you’ll find hundreds of results, including searches for “jewish genocide” or “jewestat genocide.”

Search on Google Trends shows that searches for the terms “Jewish Holocaust” and “Jewish-controlled genocide” spiked in the wake of the Holocaust.

But the search engines also tend to filter out the terms that are taboo or that are deemed to be racist, like “white genocide.”

In fact, the search term “white supremacist” is the most popular term, with search engine results showing searches for that term spiked by 200 percent in the days following the massacre of nine people at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina.

That spike was followed by searches for terms such as “white privilege,” “white guilt,” “racist,” and “white supremacy.”

Google Trends also shows searches for other terms like “Jewish mass extermination,” “Jewish holocaust,” and other terms related to the Holocaust are surging in searches for a “Jewish Jewish genocide.”

While the search giant’s algorithm filters out the most offensive terms, Google Trends data shows that other terms have surged in searches of “Jewish White genocide” and other racist terms.

Search on Yahoo!

Answers shows searches to “Jewish white genocide” jumped by nearly 300 percent in January, and searches for similar terms have skyrocketed.

Google Trends on the other hand, shows searches of the terms have fallen by nearly 20 percent in February.

Google has come under fire in the past for the results it publishes.

The company was fined $5 million by a California state judge in 2015 for failing to properly censor a search result related to its controversial “right-wing” political bias filter.

Google also faced a lawsuit in California over a controversial algorithm that resulted in racial slurs appearing in searches, including “black lives matter.”

But the company has also taken significant steps to combat anti-Semitic searches, like rolling out a blacklist of keywords that would be blocked in its search engine.

In 2015, Google announced a plan to implement a blacklist for anti-Jewish searches, and it’s been a success.

“The company has already launched a number of measures to block anti-Semites and hateful words from appearing in its searches,” a spokesperson told Newsweek in an email.

Google’s blacklist has already stopped search engines including Yahoo!

News, CNN, Google News, Yahoo!, and Yahoo!

Finance from showing searches related to anti the Holocaust, and a spokesperson said the company would continue to roll out the blacklist as needed.

But it’s clear that Google’s new blacklist is only one tool in a broader effort to combat racist search engine behavior.

As we’ve reported before, Google is also working to fight anti-Israel bias and discrimination.

It launched a tool called Google Anti-Bias that will be rolled out in 2017 to help combat anti Islam bias, and the company is also launching a new tool that will help combat bias against African Americans.

Google is taking steps to address anti-Black and anti-Muslim searches as well, and last month, the company launched a new anti-black filter that will automatically block searches for Black people in the United States.

Google will also launch a tool that automatically blocks searches for Arab search results, and recently it announced a tool to fight hate speech in the digital world.

It has also been working to combat racism in its workplace.

Google announced plans in March for a new “blacklisting” system that will make it harder for workers to receive anti-white or anti-Arab bias reviews or reviews of their race.

“We’re taking steps in this area to ensure that we don’t inadvertently encourage or perpetuate discrimination or hate speech,” Google said in a statement.

“When we do, we’re going to make sure we don, too.”

In a recent report, the American Civil Liberties Union said that Google has been using “racial preferences” to blacklist search results related to racism.

The ACLU said Google’s search engine has a “profiling system” that uses users’ IP addresses and other information to target racist content.

Google does not reveal what information it collects or how it uses that data.

But in the future, Google says it will make that information public.

And while it’s not the first company to make a racial bias blacklist, Google has recently stepped up efforts to address it.

Google began to publish a

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