Which search engine is the most popular in Australia?

In a survey by financial search firm Neeva, 70 per cent of Australian households have a video search engine on their home screens.

The most popular video search engines are Baidu and Google, followed by Bing, YouTube and Twitter.

The survey also found that video search was the most important search engine for Australians aged 15 to 24, while the next most popular search engine was Yahoo and Microsoft.

Google, Microsoft and Yahoo are also the most commonly searched search engines in the 20-24 age group, with Google topping the list with nearly 70 per cn.

“The big reason for the increase in the popularity of video search is that it’s a great way to browse the web and access information that is relevant to you,” says Neeva CEO and founder, Mark Waddell.

“It’s also easy to navigate online.

You just type in something and the results will come to you.”

Video search engine popularity survey by Neeva.

Source: Neeva The Neeva survey shows the popularity has risen in recent years as video search has become more accessible and easy to use, and has also become more popular among the youngest Australians, with most people under the age of 25 preferring to use video search to access their personal information.

However, video search remains the most common search on mobile devices, with users on Android, iOS and BlackBerry using the most search terms.

The top search terms among younger Australians are “Yahoo”, “YouTube”, “Facebook”, “Youtube”, “Twitter”, “LinkedIn”, “Instagram”, “Google+”, “Reddit” and “Reddit.co.uk”.

“The younger you are, the more likely you are to use the internet as a search engine,” says Waddll.

“And the more you use the search engines that are out there, the easier it will be for you to get the information you need.”

The survey also shows that the most used search terms are ‘news’, ‘weather’, ‘money’, ‘travel’, ‘food’, ‘health’ and ‘jobs’.

“The most common searches on mobile are ‘health’, ‘work’ and “travel” while the most searched search terms on desktop are ‘life’, ‘music’, ‘business’, ‘sports’, ‘jobs’, ‘social’, ‘family’, ‘home’ and many more.”

The most common mobile search terms for Australia’s most popular searches are ‘home’, ‘house’, ‘school’, ‘kids’, ‘children’, ‘cars’, ‘car’ and others.

“You’ll also find a lot of people using video search when they’re looking for the latest news and other information,” says Mark.

“When you’re looking through a YouTube video, you’ll find lots of information that will be relevant to that.

For example, you might find information about how to get a new car, or how to buy a house, or a sports team, or if you’re pregnant.”

Mark says video search in Australia has evolved to a level where it’s still a popular way to access information.

“Video search is still popular among Australians as it’s simple and straightforward, and it’s easy to learn.

You don’t need a big internet connection, just a smartphone or tablet.”

The Neva survey also revealed that video searches were most popular amongst those with a lower education level, with the most likely to use a video query is a high school or university student.

“Students with less education are also more likely to have a lower search engine ranking than those with higher education levels,” says David.

“As more and more people gain a degree, it’s only going to make things more complicated for search engines to keep up with.”

Neeva says there are many ways to use search engines for Australian consumers and businesses.

“With Baiduz, we’ve been working on creating a powerful and integrated search experience that makes it easy for consumers and business to access the best content and services in the world,” says Dr David.

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