Which songs get the most downloads?

What songs get downloaded the most?

With this week’s Billboard charts, we have the answer.

As you can see, the top 10 songs on both the US and UK charts get the biggest share of the downloads.

It’s no surprise then that songs that are in the top 20 of the chart on both charts are in top ten songs on iTunes as well.

Here’s the top ten chart with the most and least downloads:1.

The Beatles – “The Beatles”2.

Drake – “Ode to Joy”3.

Coldplay – “Closer”4.

Bruno Mars – “I Feel It Coming”5.

Drake, Future, and Khalid – “Ride or Die”6.

Kendrick Lamar – “Control”7.

The Weeknd – “Flawless”8.

Taylor Swift – “1989”9.

The Chainsmokers – “Latch”10.

Future – “Bounce Back”1.

Drake (US) – 12,981,858 downloads2.

Taylor (UK) – 10,890,957 downloads3.

Bruno (US/UK) – 9,918,908 downloads4.

Future (US)/Future (UK)/Future XL (UK)- 9,848,632 downloads5.

Cold-cut (US)*- 9,608,085 downloads6.

Khalid (US)- 8,818,827 downloads7.

Future**- 8,566,928 downloads8.

Kendrick (US)”Latch (Feat.

Travis Scott)”- 8- 864,852 downloads9.

Future* (US)(UK)(US)*(UK)- 7,742,843 downloads10.

Drake** (US / UK) (US*)- 6,943,857 downloadsThis is the third chart week that Future has hit top 10, having reached #1 on the Billboard charts on the US on Monday, and #2 on the UK on Tuesday.

It was a pretty incredible feat for the young Canadian star, who only has a few weeks to go before he’s due to release his sophomore album, titled Watch The Throne.

The UK’s chart positions Future in a somewhat odd spot, with “Lash” getting the most download.

This track, which is actually the title track on the album, was previously on the chart, but was removed by Apple as it was deemed to be too “offensive” and “too risqué” for the charts.

Drake’s “Control,” which features Future, gets the most sales on iTunes with 979,000.

This is the only song on the charts that Drake’s reached #10 on both albums, meaning he’s already at the #1 position on both iTunes and Spotify.

On the UK charts, Future is at the top of the charts, with 918,000 in downloads and 558,000 on Spotify.

That’s followed by Future XL (907,000) and Taylor Swift (769,000).

Future has sold more than a million songs in the UK and Canada alone, with more than 8 million in both markets.

The US is in the #7 spot with 919,000 downloads, and the UK is at #10 with 1.9 million.

Future is the top-selling artist in the US with an estimated $3.5 million in sales.

He also holds the record for the most Billboard charts-to-sales of a single artist with 2,058,000, the same number as Drake.

Future has made quite a name for himself over the last year.

In addition to the albums, he’s been featured on The X Factor, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Late Show with David Letterman, and The Voice.

He’s even gotten his own show, Watch The Thrones, on USA Network.

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