Why it’s time for a new search engine to replace YouTube: The Daily Show

The search engine of the future may be Apple’s App Store.

The reason we have to ask is because the future of online media is about more than search.

It’s about how people share ideas.

And while that’s the heart of online news, it’s not the only one.

The future of digital news is about how news is consumed.

That means that while news is an intrinsic part of online communities, it is also a way to discover new ideas.

For a media company like Google, it makes sense to find a way of building a platform that lets people create a community around news stories and then sell that content to advertisers, which could include social media platforms.

That’s how Google came to its current position of dominating the search engine market and the way the company is using its enormous influence to shape what it means to be an online media company.

Google has been able to do that because it has built a platform around the idea that everyone, no matter where they live, can be a news aggregator.

The platform is powered by search, which is a fundamental part of the web, but it’s a platform designed for content creators.

And the search aggregators, which Google owns, are largely focused on advertising.

And Google has built that platform around a notion that everyone is a journalist and everyone is entitled to the same rights.

The company doesn’t want to allow advertisers to take the platform away from the news publishers it buys.

The result is that Google is increasingly focusing on what’s known as “content monetization,” which is essentially a strategy that’s used to monetize news stories through ad-supported platforms.

The idea is that news organizations and news publishers can be paid to include content that has been paid for by Google.

That would mean that people could pay for more content from Google than they would from their own newspaper or magazine.

And that would help the news organizations that are paying to show up.

But it would also mean that news publishers would have to pay more to be seen.

Google doesn’t allow that, so it’s an issue that Google has tried to work out.

Google’s answer to the challenge of monetizing news stories is called “semantic understanding.”

That is, Google is building a search engine that understands the world around it.

Its semantic understanding is the search terms that are used by people to describe the news.

The search results for Google News give a sense of what kinds of news stories are in the news and how often they’re reported.

And if a search for “dairy cows” returns a result that says “dying cows,” that means that the dairy cow that’s dying is the one that’s killing the cows.

But that doesn’t mean that those cows have died.

Rather, they’re just being killed by other dairy cows.

The semantic understanding of the world is part of how Google News works.

And it’s why Google has become so successful.

Google News is a service that is designed to give search engines the ability to understand the world.

It does that by giving them a way for people to search for news stories that are about the same topic as the ones that Google News shows up.

Google uses this to help advertisers reach the news audiences they want, so they can be more profitable.

That has led Google to build a huge business around the notion that the world should be made up of diverse and interesting people.

The world is now filled with diverse and exciting people.

And so if we want to have a vibrant world, we need to have people who are making news.

And one of the things that Google does well is it has created a platform where people can find out what’s going on in other countries, and then to be able to talk about it with others.

People can get together on Facebook and have a conversation about a particular story or a particular issue, or they can have a discussion on the other side of the globe.

That gives us a platform for people who have a lot of time to talk, and that makes us more relevant and more relevant to other people.

In other words, if you are a news publisher or a news producer, you are able to connect with your audience, and if you’re able to get that kind of interaction, then you can grow your business.

And in the case of the news aggregators that Google owns—Google News, Google News Plus, and Google News Stars—that kind of collaboration is an increasingly important part of their business.

Those news aggregations are designed to work together to build and maintain a news library, which helps them keep track of news that is in the public domain, which means that news is more easily available.

That also helps Google and the publishers who buy the aggregators understand how their news content is being used by their advertisers, because they can see which stories people are talking about and what they’re buying.

And, of course, the publishers can see what people

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