‘Yandex’ faces legal battle with US Federal Trade Commission over alleged ‘firefox hacking’

A search engine company in the United States is facing a legal battle over alleged “firefox hacks.”

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in Massachusetts says it has filed a complaint with the US Federal Communications Commission alleging that Google’s search engine is using a tool called FireFox to monitor the privacy of consumers.

The ACLU is asking the FCC to investigate Google’s practices.

“Google is using its own software to spy on millions of Americans every day and to track their searches and activities,” ACLU Director of Communications Jameel Jaffer said in a statement.

“If this kind of surveillance is allowed to continue, the privacy rights of ordinary Americans will be violated.”

In a statement, Google said it takes the privacy concerns of consumers very seriously and is working with the FCC.

“We have made it clear that we do not share your privacy concerns and we will continue to work to protect the privacy and security of our users,” Google said.

“We are committed to providing the best possible experience to everyone, and we do this by carefully designing our products, services, and products and services to help make this possible.”

Google’s FireFox is an Android app that allows users to use the company’s search tools.

The app allows users and advertisers to search for words that Google uses in the U.S. and abroad, including “fire,” “firearm,” “battery,” and “firefight.”

In an email to CBC News, a Google spokesperson said the app is only used by Google’s partners.

“The FireFox app is used by partners and partners’ partners,” said the spokesperson.

“It does not collect any personal information, and it is not tied to any user’s device or network.”

Google also said in its statement that it’s working with law enforcement to remove any adware or spyware from its products and has taken steps to remove some of the software from its stores.

“As Google develops new products, we make changes to ensure they meet our user needs and are safe for use,” the company said.

“For example, we have improved the way ads are delivered to the Google Play Store and other stores to improve the privacy protection for users and partners.”CBC News contacted Google for comment.

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